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Trial training for GS riders

Your way to perfection

If you want to overcome your timidity when it comes to getting out into the wild on an enduro, this is the right place. The trial-training course for GS riders (with riding licence A or A2) offers you the most effective way to learn and apply offroad basic riding techniques, to train your body and mind and to become one with your motorcycle. By the way, this is not only for beginners (see also the different levels 1-3).

  • Trial-training for GS drivers without/with little offroad experience (Level 1)
Trial-training for GS drivers with a lot of offroad experience
    (Level 2)
  • Trial-training for experienced drivers (Level 3)

Here, even seasoned offroad riders become aware of how the smallest weight shifts can have an effect, how they can sound out their limits, and how they can improve their riding technique. In addition, every trial-training is always a test of your stamina coupled with a lot of fun.


Price Model
EUR 310,00 own motorcycle (angemeldeter 4-Takter)
EUR 350,00 rented motorcycle - Beta EVO 4 T 300 ccm


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